Billie’s Pop-Up Podcast #3 – interview with Andris Rasins (Arpus Brewing Co) [ENGLISH SPOKEN]

17 november 2023 om 07:37


Billie’s Craft Beer Fest is a beer festival in Antwerp, Belgium, with over 50 craft breweries from all over the world. Each year they invite some of the best breweries. One of those is Arpus Brewing Co from Riga, Latvia. They attended the festival for the Second time.

We met Andris, one of the co-founders on his first attendance to Billie’s a couple of years ago and were immediately in love with his beers. As he returned to the festival last week, we had a talk with him about Arpus, Latvian beerscene and beerfestivals.

Listen to this episode to hear all about it.


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