Jopen | Adriaan Wit

Jopen Adriaan is a dark blonde beer with a very
refreshing taste. Thanks to the combination of its freshness and a mellow, spicy aftertaste, Adriaan is an ideal thirst quencher. It is especially popular in summer for serving in outdoor cafés. With an alcohol content of 5% vol, Adriaan really goes down smoothly. The name Adriaan has been taken from the city mill, ‘Stadsmolen de Adriaan’, where the grain used to be milled for the brewers. The mill is a landmark in the centre of Haarlem. Part of this beer’s sales revenues are donated to the ‘Molen De Adriaan’ foundation. Gold at European Beer Star 2014, Europe’s Best Bronze, World Beer Awards 2013, Silver Award Belgian-Style witbier, European Beer Star 2013 and winner Gold medal, Dublin Craft Beer Cup, Craft Brewing and Distilling.