Uiltje Brewing Company | El Patron

*Wild West lone guitar riff starts playing* No need to get the sheriff, I own this town, said El Patron whilst holstering his Cold Single Action army revolver with smoke still escaping from the barrel. Another IPA within our league of bad guys, scoundrels and villains. The El Patron is wanted throughout the entire world for its relentless bitterness and its dauntless flavors. This antihero North West Double IPA is loved, yet feared by many in the frontier of beers.

El Patron.. Every cinematic society has one. That awkward vengeful antihero whose legitimacy is never questioned thanks to his underground army of musclemen misfits wielding bump stocks and machetes. That’s right, you know him, equal parts master manipulator and momma’s boy, audacious risktaker and textbook *sshole. That’s our El Patron, a ruthless northwest double IPA that takes no prisoners and makes no apologies.The perfect poster boy for our uncompromised beer culture of excess. el patron is
supposed to be enjoyed fresh. This beer just like el patron has a short life expectancy. That’s also the downside to being El Patron.. you can never be El Patron for long.